Paladins News Network is your source for all things Paladins. Delivering the latest news and information from the realm including patch notes, esports events and theory crafting.

We produce all manner of content including video, audio, info-graphics and, of course, text based articles such as the one you are reading now! In the past we have also provided live text streaming of events such as the Paladins Masters event at dreamhack.



Person About
jrmswell Site admin, all round biped (species still pending). In charge of making sure that everything breaks from time to time, will take time out of his day to answer any questions you have regarding, well, anything really
Fomdeuploof Resident theory crafter, follower of esports and has the most impressive Drogoz around, although he is enjoying Snek
Jobsher Our man on the outside, he plays other games, like Smite! Get’s proper salty though and that’s pretty funny

Get Involved

We are always looking for new writers and staff to work on the site and produce content. We are currently on the lookout for:

  • Article Writers
  • Video Producers
  • Audio Producers
  • Social Media Liaisons (Including Reddit Mods)
  • Streamers

All tasks will require basic knowledge of the WordPress Content Management system, it’s fairly self-explanatory though and most pages do have a help button located at the top.

Interested in applying? Click here