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Read the full patch notes here

Open Beta 44: Welcome to season 1! In with the major changes and out with… oh, hold on… where’s Barik? He’s gone on holiday? Ooh-er. Well then, never mind that. Season 1! Legendary cards make a return from closed beta helping you to influence your deck.

Also keep an eye out for a new Drogoz skin and essence, your new crafting currency

Here are a few pictures of the new maps:

Here is a video of how survival mode used to look and presumably will do so now:

If you would also care to partake in episode 1 of Morale Boost, here’s the episode guide:

Episode 1 Guide

So here’s what’s coming up in episode 1:

  • Essence and does it make gold redundant?
  • Survival
  • Legendary cards, is everybody OP?
  • What we would like to see in Season 1

Have your say! Take part in the discussion and join us in morale boost, join our discord server and drop your name into #moraleboost with your availability as well as a bit about yourself and we’ll (just a sentence or so) let you know when we start.

More Things

OB44 launched with a few issues, and for a while /r/paladins was locked due to the amount of complaints and bugs. If you have encountered such a bug you can report it here:

Also, if you are yet to receive your radiant chests, take heed of this tweet:

Also of interest, this comment on reddit:

That’s all for now, see you in the future!


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