So we, as a website, are on track to be ready for our season 1 launch. We’re just fiddling around with the details and whatnot behind the scenes but everything seems to be coming up rosy. But just because we are launching with Paladins first season doesn’t meant that we can’t bring you something new which is why I am taking this time to announce a new podcast coming to your ears this weekend.

Morale Boost: Season 1 guide. In the first episode there will be a roundup of everything that we know about season 1 as well as rumours, theory and things that would be nice to see. We aim to have this ready by Sunday and the show will be listenable in both YouTube and mp3 form. I know, fancy.

Of course I don’t want you guys to suffer with my voice for any longer than is absolutely necessary so we are on the lookout for hosts of the Morale Boost podcast, if you think you are up to the job then why not shoot us an application. You can find all the useful links for that here.

That’s all from me for now, we’re really looking forward to season one as well as looking out for all the new things that come this way. Until then, see you later!


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