Hey guy’s CB11 is back. Just kidding, Season 1 of Paladins is just round the corner and after taking on board feedback from the last Dev Insight there have been some more than interesting changes to the upcoming season 1.

First up, legendary cards: Back in the good ol’ days of closed beta there would be a legendary card selected at the start of the round that would pretty much dictate how your build would be completed throughout the game. This system seems to be coming back where you select a legendary card and then select a deck that matches it. Not sure about this but it seems interesting enough. Although it appears that there has been a repealing of the stat increases

Related tweet:

Secondly chests are getting weird, again. You can now unlock radiant chests with gold however you will no longer receive gold from them, instead you will now gain crafting points which will be used to purchase cards. It seems a bit clunky to have a currency for chests and skins, a currency for cards and a currency for purchasing champions but we’ll see.

These are the most important changes so far. Of course I urge you to watch the video for yourself and make your own judgements.

There is a reddit thread about this video:

Of course we’d love to hear from you, chat to us below or ask us on twitter

Proofread by @Fomdeuploof


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