As you may be aware, tomorrow comes the update overview for open beta 42:

With it is rumoured to be Torvold, a new front line champion who’s defining feature is that he can steal other people’s shields. That should be interesting. The show starts at 4 pm Eastern Standard Time. You can find that in your local time here.

Also of note is this tweet:

Ice Mines redo has been added to the test queue sans graphics, this will be interesting to see how this one plays out as personally I feel like Ice Mines has been a pretty solid map so far, although from what has been shown so far it looks to just be an expansion of the point to make it feel less claustrophobic which is a good idea actually.

Speaking of which we will be covering the patch overview right here on this very site thanks to the magic of Reddit Live. A way of live-blogging all of the important changes due this patch. That can be found here

So far OB42 is set to be an interesting one, we’ll see you tomorrow!

Header Image ©Hi-Rez Studios

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