Well what an experience this is going to be for us all. Although we have made the site public we are not entirely finished with it (as you can see we’ve raised the pre-release flag at the top) but we felt that it was probably at a time where we should go public with the site so here we are.

So what have we got on the table of upcoming things? Well currently I (@jrmswell) am working on a video explaining the benefits and disadvantages to using the item aggression, one that has the community up in arms about whether or not people should really take the item. From initial calculations based on the game, this could be an interesting one

@Fomdeuploof, the resident theory craft and deck man, is planning to write an article about how Ying was affected by the recent changes to ult charging on support characters, look forward to that near the end of this week.

As for moving forward we would like to see as many of you getting involved as possible, Paladins is a game about working with people so if you feel like you’re up for the job we’d love to have you here as a contributor. We have several roles open for the taking at the moment including writers, video producers, streamers and of course audio people as I am personally excited to start a periodic (bi-weekly, monthly?) podcast rounding up the happenings from within and around the game.

The sign up form can be found here

We look forward to hearing from you!

Anyway, that’s it from me, see you in the future!


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