Open Beta 40 has just been pushed to PC players of Paladins. The download became available through the launcher and steam at 11:55 GMT although is not playable yet due to the server still verifying the update. You can keep track of these changes here.

OB 40 brings with it a new map called Stone Keep:

In addition to this it brings a new test queue which allows players to play unfinished maps, a feature that would normally be reserved for a PTS.

Finally the other most notable change has to do with the way in which support champions charge their ultimates as it can now be charged through healing as well, could this mean the return of the 5-second Pip ults? Only time will tell!

Update: 20:25 GMT 16th January 2016

The game has already been taken offline once already today and had two further investigations, one regarding general issues and one regarding logins. Well there is another issue affecting players involving the Paladins EAC (EasyAntiCheat) which is consistently kicking players from the game and presenting them with the following message:

A restart might be expected soon but until then stay tuned!

Update: 21:45 GMT 16th January 2016

The game has just come back online after yet another down period, details can be found here

We have recovered from login issues on Paladins PC.


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